19 android apps banned by google

19 Android Apps Banned by Google | Delete these Apps Immediately

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To protect millions of android users from potentially dangerous apps ” 19 Android Apps Banned by Google ” and removed from Google Play Store. Google has always been a great platform for smartphone users. Most of the smartphone runs on Android OS by Google. Although Google is making everyday effort to protect millions of android users from potentially dangerous apps, some apps become successfully bypasses the Google Play Store Security Test.

19 android apss banned by Google

The internet giants has been cracking down on malicious content for sometime with online cyber security teams flagging up malware and untrustworthy developer content on an almost weekly basis.

And it’s a good thing for android users that 19 malicious apps have been identified and removed from Google Play Store. And all these apps are being downloaded by millions of Android users all over the globe.

“These 19 android apps banned by google are discovered by White Ops Satori Threat Intelligence and Research. These apps are capable of filling devices with unwanted and highly irritating adverts” as reported in Express.co.uk.

These adwares are capable of launching attacks when the phone is unlocked or put on charging. It doesn’t matter if the apps are open or not, but they are capabe of launching the attacks.

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Some of the apps are even hidden from users after downloading. This trick is often used by hackers as it makes difficult to find these apps and delete them from their devices.

The apps investigated in the course of research were not functioning as advertised and had more than 3.5 milions downloads. White Ops named this investigation CHARTREUSEBLUR as majority of apps launching the attack include the word “blur” in their package name. Many of the apps appear to be photo editors – one of the most downloaded from play store. These apps claim to allow a user to blur images in their gallery.

Since, Google has removed these apps from play store, it’s very important for android users to delete these apps from their device. Here is the list of “19 android apps banned by google” in the latest investigation.

19 Android Apps Banned by Google

  1. Auto Picture Cut: 100,000+ installs
  2. Color Call Flash: 50,000+ installs
  3. Square Photo Blur: 500,000+ installs
  4. Square Blur Photo: 500,000+ installs
  5. Magic Call Flash: 50,000+ installs
  6. Easy Blur: 100,000+ installs
  7. Image Blur: 100,000+ installs
  8. Auto Photo Blur: 100,000+ installs
  9. Photo Blur: 500,000+ installs
  10. Photo Blur Master: 100,000+ installs
  11. Super Call Screen: 100,000+ installs
  12. Square Blur Master: 100,000+ installs
  13. Square Blur: 50,000+ installs
  14. Smart Blur Photo: 500,000+ installs
  15. Smart Photo Blur: 500,000+ installs
  16. Super Call Flash: 100,000+ installs
  17. Smart Call Flash: 50,000+ installs
  18. Blur Photo Editor: 5,000+ installs
  19. Blur Image: 10,000+ installs

The Satori Team still continues to monitor this threat and will identify any emerging changes for adaptations and new apps.

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