SEE Result 2078 News

SEE Result 2078 News | SEE Result to be Published Soon

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SEE Result 2078

As we all know, SEE Result 2078 is planned to be published on the basis of the internal evaluations by the concerned schools, same like the SEE Result 2077.

And, after the decision of the SEE Result 2078 to be published on the basis of internal evaluation, students are now waiting for the SEE result to be published.

Student can easily start their journey for higher education after getting their SEE Result.

SEE Result 2078 News

And, here is the great news on SEE Result. As per Dr. Prof. Chandramani Paudel, Chairman of the National Examination Board (NEB), the SEE result is planned to be published within 15th of Shrawan 2078.

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As per the NEB official, the concerned schools need to submit the all the records of the students within 20th Asadh 2078. After the submission of the report from the concerned schools, NEB will be publishing the SEE result 2078 within 15th of Sharwan.

Even, the internal evaluation of the students will be done by the concerned schools, the result distribution and the certificate distribution will be performed by the National Examination Board (NEB).

And, if you are having any doubt on the authenticity of the news, a snap of the news is attached below:

SEE Result 2078 News

(Image Credit: Gorkhapatra Dainik.)

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